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Programmer’s life (cartoon)

Posted on: September 5, 2007

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11 Responses to "Programmer’s life (cartoon)"

Ha ha ha, this is very good!!!!

damn, that is so true 😀

[…] Programmer’s life (cartoon) Programmers carry small world with their selves. They require really small things to be happy. If they done their tasks […] […]

nice one.haha

Hihihi..I’ve been there.. erly 80s.. now for better or worst.. became a carpenter.. but I miss it..:)

Hi friends I just now started my career as full time programmer. I’m in the early stage of this . Hopefully will try to avoid final stage.

But programming is bit challenging? I love challenges

Very nice cartoon.(Missing to illustrate back Pain an eye strain)

Best Regards,

Kavashgar M

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