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Golden memories of summers

Posted on: March 3, 2008

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hi! same is the case here. we have also enjoyed from your excellent company in that summer and can’t forget the moments spent with you. some time i get worried by thinking how excellent project, time, and advisor we got.

in my company i have also conducted some interviews to help in hiring process. i really realized our group members value. people are not even clear about very basic database concepts (after bscs degree), java ee etc are things of far away.

when i think about our group, i feel, we were/are much better. it is all because if sir nadeem who worked more than us. and cause us to learn with real analysis environment by direct communication with clients rather than assuming hypothetical requirements, and on tech side, we worked in servlets, jsp, ejb, entity beans, 120 tables database schema, jboss clustering, mysql replication.

and the great thing mr aden, who always want to see us working, always worried as there is something wrong going to happen, but after all, good guy, really worked hard with us. and alone worked on hl7.

ooops, mian rashid! yaar what a genious coder. i always like and surprised about his expertise and stemna of sitting and writing the [java] code. i really appreciated his effort, he was the guy who worked most from all of us [i think], he alone coded complete pathology management and radiology management module. well done, we are all thankful to him.

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